EP-491 Conclusion

Sorry for the delay! My last semester of undergrad has been quite hectic, so I have not been able to update my blog nearly as much as I would have liked to.. Well, the Electromagnetic Resonator Module is “done”, as far as EP-491 is concerned. Although I will be presenting this version as a finished […]

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Post-Jury Evaluation Progress

The reason that I have not updated this blog is because I was preparing a presentation for my 491 jury evaluation, which was quite time consuming.   I have made a lot of progress with the hardware/software since the last update. I have soldered all of my connections and put the electronics in a repurposed […]

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It was a big week! I am using the cell phone charging brick to supply the tiny 2×3.5w amplifier (via a k2 power supply that came with the breadboard). Both magnets have their own channel on the amp (hard panned left/right mono signals). I made this mock-up csound iOS app for portable control. The switch […]

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New Magnets!

  The $8 lifting magnet that I ordered from Amazon works very very well! In fact it worked so well that I ordered another one. I also ordered a VERY small USB powered 2x3w audio amplifier that I plan to use instead of the big ancient radioshack amp that I have been using. I am […]

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Pedro Reyes’ Computer Controlled Instruments at CTM Festival in Berlin

I spent the last week in Berlin at CTM/Transmediale, my favorite media arts festival of all time. Along with a crazy weekend at Berghain, I was able to attend some really amazing installations including Pedro Reyes’ exhibition at the”Seismographic Sounds” installation. Reyes used parts of weapons to create a room full of computer controlled percussion […]

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Magnetic Modular Resonator  The project has taken a drastic turn. Instead of building a standalone instrument equipped with electromagnets, I am going to build a compact and portable resonator unit, using electromagnetic coils. The box will have a 2x20w preamp connected to two appropriately rated electromagnets that protrude from the box on bendable metal rods […]

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Experiment #1

Hooray! After many hours of google searching, I was finally able to electromagnetically actuate a string on my acoustic guitar. In this stage of the project, I am more concerned with the electronics than the actual instrument body, so holding my electromagnet next to a guitar string was sufficient for this experiment.   More Research […]

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